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Is it possible to eat healthily at Christmas?


New Year Reviver


Veggie Festivities

Happy Christmas one and all, and the festive message from all of us at P for Peckish this year is that you can miss absolutely nothing celebrating a vegetarian Christmas.

Growing up in a vegetarian family, we always go all out to make it an indulgent, Festive, eating experience. My dad, a great fan of family tradition, likes to carve the roast as we sit down to eat. The centrepiece to our Christmas meal is always a veggie roast (either one of the fabulous “Grandma”  Linda McCartney Roasts, or one of the recipes my  two cook books – FOOD or AT MY TABLE). There’s plenty of choice these days.  The next day, any leftover veggie roast can be sliced and made into sandwiches with a drizzle of thousand Island dressing topped with fresh, crispy salad leaves).

We go the whole way with all the trimmings, stuffing, steamed veg, light and fluffy Yorkshire puddings, crispy potatoes and parsnips roasted with sprigs of rosemary to add flavour. We cover it in plenty of delicious, home made, red onion and red wine gravy. We finish it off with a big dollop of horseradish and cranberry sauce on the side.

Most of these dishes can be prepared in advance, making the whole process stress free. After lunch, we can just about make it to the sofa for a TV snooze. Perfect!