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O for Optimism


July 29|2016

Mary has been to Farmacy for lunch and came back to the studio saying how delicious it was, so she asked us (Team P for Peckish) to go along and taste for ourselves… this is what we thought;   Walking down the lively street in West London, you come across Farmacy nestled on the corner of Newton Road and Westbourne Grove. With it’s menu bursting …

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Peanut Buckwheat Noodle Salad

July 21|2016

Years ago my Aunt Louise sent me a cold soba noodle recipe that used brewed tea as an ingredient in the sauce. Since then I’ve been hooked on the tea and peanut flavour combination. These noodles make a refreshing meal for the summer time, by using raw crunchy vegetables you get a new texture next to the peanut butter, which is a good source of …

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Huevos Rancheros Breakfast

July 14|2016

This weeks recipe is inspired by the ranch style breakfasts that came originally from Mexico. Warmed corn tortilla topped with a protein rich black bean mix and a sunny side up fried egg, with the additional flavours of smooth ripe avocado topped off with a nice spicy tomato salsa. Really quite delicious. Time: 25 minutes  Serves: 2  Vegan  Ingredients Salsa: 1 ripe tomato, chopped small …

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There’s a bit more to food than that…

July 07|2016

There’s a bit more to food than that By Glen Matten MSc How often do we hear optimistic messages about food and health? It’s got to be a minority of the time, hasn’t it? For decades we’ve been freaked out by fat. The mere thought of buying milk with a blue top is enough to conjure horror images of clogging arteries. But now we have sugar …

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