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N for Nutrition

Nutty Breakfast Smoothie

June 30|2016

Mary asked me to post my breakfast smoothie this week it’s a delicious and sweet smoothie, the peanut butter gives a good source of protein and it’s rich flavour keeps you feeling full. I like to make mine with almond milk but you can easily substitute that for any other plant based milk. I’ve added an omega 4 blend of seeds to this or just milled flaxseeds …

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Watercress Pesto Powerhouse

June 23|2016

Watercress is one of my favourite ingredients, I love it’s vibrant punchy flavour, and it is packed full of vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium, iodine, vitamin K and C. This is a slight variation to a traditional pesto sauce, instead I have used fresh watercress and a little lemon zest to do a little more zing. This pesto can be used in so many …

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Five Minute Fried Berries

June 16|2016

After last weeks post highlighting the health benefits of berries, I thought it only fitting to include them as the main ingredient in this week’s post. This recipe is almost too simple, packed full of flavour and takes only 5 minutes to make. The sweetness of the berries is just, ever so slightly, enhanced by the addition of one spoonful of coconut sugar and vanilla …

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Berry fruits: A taste of summer

June 09|2016

Berry fruits: A taste of summer by Glen Matten Could any food be more synonymous with British summertime than strawberries? Tucking into them at the peak of the strawberry season is literally like tasting a mouthful of summer. So what more fitting time than now to take a moment to explore the health benefits of berries. When it comes to their health giving properties, berries …

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Slurpy Buckwheat Noodle Soup

June 06|2016

I made this soothing hot soup last night for dinner, and it was devoured within minutes of making it. Packed full of nutritious ingredients: the seaweed for iodine, buckwheat noodle for protein, and lots of fresh vegetables. I added a dash of chilli sauce to mine for a little extra spice. A fresh soup, perfect for this Summer weather.    Time: 35 minutes Serves: 4 …

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