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K for Kids

Power Soup

March 31|2016

I like to make a batch of this nutritious soup at the beginning of the week and then save it in the fridge so I can heat it up at a moments notice; my lunch, a quick healthy meal for the kids with toasted sandwiches or as a starter when friends come over for a meal. This recipe is packed with protein and iron rich …

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Chocolate Oat Cookies

March 24|2016

It was pointed out to me by our expert nutritionist that cocoa has many health benefits! So I thought that gave me the perfect excuse to play around with a cocoa rich cookie recipe! The first batch I made were devoured swiftly, as these cookies they have a nice “brownie” texture to them.   Makes: 16 Cooking time: 7 minutes  Ingredients 125g (1 and 1/3 cups) coconut oil (for vegan …

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