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Ironing out the Facts by Glen Matten

February 05|2016

 Iron: Ironing out the facts by Glen Matten  Whilst there is a pervading perception that vegetarians inevitably fall short on iron there is really little difference in the risk of anaemia when comparing vegetarians with omnivores. Of course, eating an unbalanced and nutritionally poor vegetarian diet does run the risk of causing iron deficiency, but get the balance of the diet right and it’s perfectly …

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The Skinny on Fat by Glen Matten

January 07|2016

This week I wanted to look at the ways to ensure a balanced range of healthy fats and oils within a vegetarian lifestyle. Please read below the very interesting information as written by our expert nutritionist, Glen Matten MSc. The Skinny on Fats by  Glen Matten MSc When it comes to healthy fats, most of us will have heard about omega-3 and its health benefits. This, …

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I suggest you try this tofu!

May 14|2015

I found this delicious marinated tofu (bean curd) in my local health shop this week. I love the fact it’s from Devon so I can support a British brand, its really moreish, its savoury flavours keep me coming back for more. Often when I’m cooking I tend to find myself nibbling on cheese to get me through to supper time (sound familiar?), but this is the perfect, …

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The Grain Shop

March 21|2015

This is somewhere that’s always a surefire winner at lunchtime for tasty, freshly prepared, no fuss, affordable vegetarian food. I’ve been going here for years and it is consistently brilliant. It’s mainly takeout with only a small eat in area. The décor is basic but the vegetarian hot and cold food options always make my mouth water. There’s always plenty of choice, and lots of …

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