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Glen Matten

Food Synergies For Better Health

March 06|2017

Food Synergies For Better Health by Glen Matten We all know that certain foods are very good for us, whether its veggies like broccoli or tomatoes, spices like turmeric, or beverages like green tea. The reason these – and many other plant foods – are good for us, is primarily down to the bio-active plant compounds they contain. For the nutritionally savvy, we might be …

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There’s a bit more to food than that…

July 07|2016

There’s a bit more to food than that By Glen Matten MSc How often do we hear optimistic messages about food and health? It’s got to be a minority of the time, hasn’t it? For decades we’ve been freaked out by fat. The mere thought of buying milk with a blue top is enough to conjure horror images of clogging arteries. But now we have sugar …

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Spilling the Beans on Coffee

May 05|2016

As much as we enjoy a cup of the black stuff (myself included), it’s deemed one of life’s guilty pleasures, stemming from the perception that caffeine is ‘bad for us’, so ipso facto, coffee is too. Yet, in reality, the tainted reputation of coffee couldn’t be more ill-conceived, with the scientific research into the effects of coffee on our health painting a very different picture. …

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Chocolate: A golden ticket to health?

April 07|2016

Chocolate: A golden ticket to health?  By Glen Matten MSc So much of what you read and hear about nutrition is bad news. All too often it’s framed around what you should be avoiding or cutting out of your diet. Gluten…dairy…soya…grains…sugar…salt…pesticides…plastic packaging… If you listened to it all, you’d probably be reduced to a diet of fresh air (if you can find any, that is). But …

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Selenium: Missing without a trace

March 03|2016

In previous articles, we’ve dealt with the issue of iron in vegetarian diets (in Ironing out the facts). Such is the attention that iron gets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s the only mineral vegetarians need to think about. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, vegetarians need to get savvy with a number of dietary minerals that can be more difficult to …

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Ironing out the Facts by Glen Matten

February 05|2016

 Iron: Ironing out the facts by Glen Matten  Whilst there is a pervading perception that vegetarians inevitably fall short on iron there is really little difference in the risk of anaemia when comparing vegetarians with omnivores. Of course, eating an unbalanced and nutritionally poor vegetarian diet does run the risk of causing iron deficiency, but get the balance of the diet right and it’s perfectly …

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Sirtfood – Miso & Sesame Glazed Tofu Stir-fry

January 14|2016

Delving into the New Year I have been looking for something slightly different and new to explore food wise to inspire me.  So I was very happy to receive a copy of The Sirtfood Diet, (which happens to be co written by our expert food nutritionist Glen Matten!). The book it very interesting as it explores how your body can better burn fat by eating foods that …

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The Skinny on Fat by Glen Matten

January 07|2016

This week I wanted to look at the ways to ensure a balanced range of healthy fats and oils within a vegetarian lifestyle. Please read below the very interesting information as written by our expert nutritionist, Glen Matten MSc. The Skinny on Fats by  Glen Matten MSc When it comes to healthy fats, most of us will have heard about omega-3 and its health benefits. This, …

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A sweeter side to sugar by Glen Matten

December 10|2015

The nutritional landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. For decades, fat was the sworn enemy of the health conscious. Not anymore. Sugar is public health enemy number one, and viewed as more pure, white and deadly than ever before, being strong implicated in the deadly trio of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The sticking point here of course is that we do rather like …

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Perplexed by protein?

November 30|2015

Perplexed by Protein? By Glen Matten MSc One of the criticisms directed at vegetarian diets is that it’s difficult to get enough protein to meet the body’s needs without eating meat. After all, meat, poultry and fish provide rich sources of ‘complete’ protein, that is, they provide all the amino acids essential to the body. So how do vegetarians fare, and how can they be …

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