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Cheese Aubergine Oven Bake

April 19|2015

This dish is tasty made to this recipe, but sometimes, just for a change, I like to vary it. A pinch of chilli flakes added to the tomato sauce provides a great kick, and 100g veggie mince cooked into the tomato sauce adds another texture to the meal. This is good served with sautéed leeks and a leafy salad or steamed green beans.

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Coconut Rice Pudding With Chocolate Sauce

April 12|2015

I cook this rice pudding in a saucepan on the hob, and the hint of coconut makes it feel delicately exotic. The desiccated coconut is an optional extra – I think it gives the pudding a nice texture, but if it’s left out the rice has a creamy smoothness that is just as satisfying. The swirl of chocolate sauce on top transforms it into a good dinner party dessert.

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Yummy Spicy Rice Noodles

April 10|2015

This noodle dish is totally moreish. It’s spicy, peanutty and irresistible as either lunch or dinner. Watch out not to overcook the rice noodles or they will get heated again when you warm all the ingredients together at the end.

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My Brownies

April 01|2015

There are so, so many extras that you can add to brownies: chopped pecans or walnuts, broken up pieces of white chocolate, dried cherries, and so on. But I have opted for a very simple recipe, partly because my kids pick out the nuts, and partly because I love them classically like this with the pure chocolate kick that they deliver.

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