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Veggie Festivities

December 25|2016

Happy Christmas one and all, and the festive message from all of us at P for Peckish this year is that you can miss absolutely nothing celebrating a vegetarian Christmas. Growing up in a vegetarian family, we always go all out to make it an indulgent, Festive, eating experience. My dad, a great fan of family tradition, likes to carve the roast as we sit …

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Potato, Onion and Lentil Pie

December 17|2015

This wonderful winter pie makes a great meal centre piece for this time of year.  Flavoured with a mixture of red and white onions, firm dark lentils, peas and small potato pieces in a sage infused gravy sauce. Perfect for winter nights or Sunday lunches. You can make this pie with a ready made short crust pastry, I use Helen’s pastry mix as it is easy …

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

December 03|2015

Sticky Toffee Pudding, one of my very favourite desserts! Here I played with coming up with a gluten free recipe that uses different sources of sugar instead of cane sugar such as dates (very sweet but because of their high polyphenol content they are shown to improve metabolic health). Coconut sugar (which gives this recipe an extra caramel flavour) and I used a good gluten free flour …

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