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E for Energy

‘Open Face’ Energy Sandwich

September 24|2015

I have made these open sandwiches with pumpernickel bread, which is a slightly sweet rye bread. The base of Avocado is topped with a light layer of mayonnaise and then sweet, roasted red pepper slices and topped with either crumbled falafel or slices of firm marinated tofu. You could substituted for smokey firm tofu if you prefer, both give the sandwich a real flavour hit.  Mix and match your ingredients …

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English Breakfast Frittata

September 17|2015

After a demanding week, I look forward to extra fuel to back up my energy levels and the best way to start is with a protein rich breakfast. I find I make this English Breakfast Frittata mostly at the weekends when I have a little extra time. I include the eggs, as the source of protein, mushrooms, which provide a selection of B-vitamins and tomatoes, for a vitamin C boost. I’ve …

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Energy Smoothie

September 10|2015

This month I am focusing on E for Energy. So, with that in mind, this delicious smoothie is packed full of vibrant berries as they have a rich content of anthocyanins which helps to slow down the rate carbs are released into the body. They combine perfectly with the slow releasing energy of oats. Out of season you can use frozen berries,  which are also a way of making the smoothie …

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Roasted Sweet Potato with Chickpeas/Garbanzo and Kale

September 03|2015

As the season starts to make a turn I look forward to warming, satisfying recipes. This month I wanted to concentrate on recipes that give me energy. I love the sugary flavour of  sweet potato balanced alongside the turmeric/cumin infused chick peas and kale. I hadn’t cooked a lot with kale, until a friend turned me to kale chips and I tried making my own last month; …

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