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At My Table


There are moments in our lives, and throughout the year, when we come together with our friends and family – and food plays a huge part in turning these moments into something special. Traditionally, many of these occasions call for meat – whether it’s roast beef for Sunday Lunch, or burgers at a BBQ – but Mary wants to show us that vegetarian cooking can be just as celebratory and special, and can adapt to any of our demands.

Mary has created an inspiring and approachable selection of food for occasions that range from the festive feasts to the most intimate meal for two, all built around complete menu plans. Each menu has at least four recipes, and is designed to help us plan satisfying and delicious meat-free meals. Her Bonfire Party menu includes One-Pot Chilli and Apple Wedges with Caramel Dipping Sauce; her Middle Eastern Feast includes Falafels and Nutty Baklava; and the Kids’ Menu has Alphabet Soup and Mac ’n’ Cheese.

At My Table is about food that brings people together, food that we share with those we love and which becomes part of our memories.





Food is full of uncomplicated, tasty meals to tempt both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Mary wants to enthuse readers to bring more meat-free cooking into their repertoires. Inspired by growing up as a vegetarian, and working on, her mother’s recipes, and using stories and photographs (past and present) to tell her life through food , Mary has created recipes for friends and family that are imaginative and creative.

From Fruit and Nut Granola to Asparagus Tart, Mexican Bean Tortilla to Coconut Rice Pudding, Mary gives us ideas for every meal, from breakfasts to main meals, and offers new twists on old classics like pancakes and Shepherd’s Pie. As a working mother, Mary is perfectly placed to write a contemporary vegetarian cookbook – good food, cooked well and with ease, for all the family. And as a photographer she has a unique vision – this book looks as irresistible as the food.