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A Splash of Colour


Peaches and Pistachios



This week I have asked my team to come up with some delicious popsicles, not only are they mouthwatering and easy to make, they’re vegan too!

We have a Matcha / Mango, Watermelon / Lime and Blueberry / Coconut to tempt you. We hope you are inspired by our creations and look forward to seeing your flavour combinations and ‘dipped top’ options @PforPeckish.

There are endless possibilities for you to conjure up… Enjoy!!

Prep time:  1 hour

Freeze time: 6 hours, ideally overnight 

Serves: Each recipe makes 4 popsicles, depending on mould size

Note: May need to run the mould under warm water for a moment to release your Popsicle of choice.

Vegan, Gluten Free


Matcha / Mango 

Matcha layer:

6 tablespoons coconut milk
2 teaspoons matcha
1/2 teaspoon maple syrup

Mango layer:

4 tablespoons coconut milk
1 cup mango
1/2 lime, juiced

  • Blend whichever layer you’d like to go into your mould first, blend all ingredients in a Nutribullet or blender. Pour evenly across each mould and place in freezer.
  • Prepare the next layer, once all ingredients are in the Nuribullet or blender, pour over the partially frozen first layer.
  • Insert lolly stick and leave to completely freeze.
Watermelon / Lime

2 cups watermelon
1 lime juiced and zest grated

  • Blend all ingredients together, pour into lolly moulds and allow to partially freeze for 1 hour.
  • After an hour place the lolly sticks into the lolly and place back in the freezer completely frozen.
Blueberry / Coconut

300g frozen blueberries
250g coconut yogurt

  • Place all ingredients in a Nutribullet or blender and blend until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into each ice lolly mould, place in the lolly stick and leave to freeze.