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Veggie Festivities

December 25|2016

Happy Christmas one and all, and the festive message from all of us at P for Peckish this year is that you can miss absolutely nothing celebrating a vegetarian Christmas. Growing up in a vegetarian family, we always go all out to make it an indulgent, Festive, eating experience. My dad, a great fan of family tradition, likes to carve the roast as we sit …

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Is it possible to eat healthily at Christmas?

December 24|2016

As we prepare for the traditional family Christmas dinner gathering, our expert nutrtionist takes a moment to highlight some of the most nourishing traditional ingredients.   Is it possible to eat healthily at Christmas? By Glen Matten I get it; what are we even doing talking about healthy eating at Christmas? I mean, all that healthy eating stuff is supposed to come after Christmas, not …

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The Photographers Gallery cafe, Inspired Eating

December 16|2016

Last week, I did a takeover of The Photographers’ Gallery Instagram account, inspired by their inspirational current exhibition, Feminism Avant Gard. This week I would like to take this opportunity to add the gallery cafe to my list of suggested “Inspired Eating locations”. After coming out of the exhibition feeling artisticly nourished, I had the chance to catch up with the the brilliant gallery Director, Brett Rodgers, …

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Calling Time Out on Snacks

December 07|2016

Snacking feels like a word loaded with negative connotations, conjuring images of sugar-loaded confectionary or salt-laden savoury products.  The food industry knows only too well our weakness for all things sweet, salty and high in fat, and conspires to ensure they are never far from eye shot as we go about our daily lives, an ever present temptation. Even if you’re up for making a …

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Inspired Eating with Sir Peter Blake

November 23|2016

So I’ve decided to take P for Peckish on the road and test out our “inspired eating” concept by visiting friends, sharing food and getting some feedback. First up I had the pleasure of visiting the legendary pop artist and longterm family friend, Sir Peter Blake and his gorgeous wife, Chrissy. I visited him in his studio in West London, where he produces his amazing …

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