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Cold Brew Coffee


A friend of mine in America turned me on to cold brew coffee. I liked it because I found it to be a smoother version of iced coffee but I never really understood what it was. It involves brewing coarsely ground coffee granules steeped in cold fresh water at room temperature or in the fridge for a prolonged time, then it goes through a double filtration process to strain away the granules. Unlike iced coffee, which is made by pouring boiled water over the coffee and then allowing the water to cool. If you use the right type of coffee, I find the cold brew produces a smooth flavoured cold coffee that keeps in the fridge to drink at your convenience.

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cold Brewing Time: 16 – 24 hours

Serves: 5 (1,450ml)


170g (2 cups) coarsely ground coffee granules (a medium strength, single origin blend coffee works best, rather than a mixed blend.)

1 litre (5 cups) fresh cold water for brewing

500ml (2.5 cups) fresh cold water for diluting

1 teaspoon of honey (if you like it sweeter)


  • Add the coffee granules to a large jug (that can take over 1 litre/5 cups of water). Pour in the fresh cold water, and stir. Now cover and put in the fridge for 16 to 24 hours.
  • Once the coffee has brewed it’s time to double filter: First pour the coffee mix through a fine sieve into another large jug or bowl.
  • Rinse out the empty jug and sieve. Then wet a coffee filter or fine muslin/nylon cloth and line the sieve with the filter or cloth and slowly pour the once filter coffee back through into the clean jug.
  • This cold brew will be quite strong, so now stir in 500ml (2.5 cups) of cold water.
  • Ready to drink: I like it with almond milk for a more creamy taste, or enjoy with your milk of choice.