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Food Synergies For Better Health

March 06|2017

Food Synergies For Better Health by Glen Matten We all know that certain foods are very good for us, whether its veggies like broccoli or tomatoes, spices like turmeric, or beverages like green tea. The reason these – and many other plant foods – are good for us, is primarily down to the bio-active plant compounds they contain. For the nutritionally savvy, we might be …

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Happy Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

February 28|2017

Today is Shrove Tuesday AKA  pancake day, the perfect excuse to eat pancakes for Breakfast and Dinner. Last night we got ourselves prepared, making the pancake mixes to keep overnight in the fridge, so tomorrow we can whip up perfect pancakes in a flash. More time for eating. I am posting 3 different recipes to day. 1. Delicious light and fluffy breakfast pancakes. I actually …

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New Year Reviver

December 28|2016

I asked my friend, Rosemary Ferguson, to come up with a New Year’s rejuvenator. She invented this powerful concoction. I’m posting this ahead of time so you can get stocked up. Happy New Year everyone.   Rosenary says –  “All good for the liver, hydration, and sugar levels. And blackcurrants are very seasonal.” Prep time:  5 minutes Juicing time: 5 minutes    Makes: 2 juices  Gluten …

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Veggie Festivities

December 25|2016

Happy Christmas one and all, and the festive message from all of us at P for Peckish this year is that you can miss absolutely nothing celebrating a vegetarian Christmas. Growing up in a vegetarian family, we always go all out to make it an indulgent, Festive, eating experience. My dad, a great fan of family tradition, likes to carve the roast as we sit …

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