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Salad in a Jar

August 25|2016

A salad in a jar! Perfectly easy to transport for a packed lunch or picnic. The tip to packing these jars is just as important as what you put in it. It’s best to put the dressing in first so it stays at the bottom, blocked off by any heavy ingredients like the potatoes and beetroots. It’s best to keep the fresh and light leaves …

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Peaches and Pistachios

August 18|2016

Fresh ripe peaches from the farmers market oozing with summer goodness  paired with the crunch of the super healthy and flavoursome pistachio nuts is a winning combination. This delicious summer sweet treat takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare and serve up. I also like to eat these served on top of my coconut rice pudding recipe for a more filling dessert. Prep time:  10 …

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August 11|2016

This week I have asked my team to come up with some delicious popsicles, not only are they mouthwatering and easy to make, they’re vegan too! We have a Matcha / Mango, Watermelon / Lime and Blueberry / Coconut to tempt you. We hope you are inspired by our creations and look forward to seeing your flavour combinations and ‘dipped top’ options @PforPeckish. There are endless …

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A Splash of Colour

August 04|2016

Add a Splash of Colour by Glen Matten MSc Just like 5-a-day, most of us will have heard the adage to eat a rainbow of colours every day. It’s accepted wisdom that eating produce with bright colours is good for health, and it’s become a buzz-phrase for promoting a varied intake of different fruit and vegetables. Encouraging diversity is certainly a good thing, but is …

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July 29|2016
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Mary has been to Farmacy for lunch and came back to the studio saying how delicious it was, so she asked us (Team P for Peckish) to go along and taste for ourselves… this is what we thought;   Walking down the lively street in West London, you come across Farmacy nestled on the corner of Newton Road and Westbourne Grove. With it’s menu bursting …

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