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The Spice of Life

October 13|2016

The Spice of Life by Glen Matten  Whilst there’s a major focus on the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and rightly so, don’t let that deflect attention from other components of our diet that are equally as good. None more so than culinary spices, which contain similar health enhancing plant compounds (aka phytonutrients) as fruits and vegetables but often in much more potent …

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Broccoli, Chickpea and Sweet Potato Tart

September 29|2016

 I made this flavoursome tart for lunch for friends this week, it was devoured within minutes! The base of sweet caramelised red onions is topped with lightly spiced chickpeas (garbanzo beans) for a protein kick and then the turmeric roasted sweet potatoes and tender broccoli stems add an extra mineral and vitamin packed component. Delicious and nutritious! For this tart I use make my pastry …

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September 08|2016

This vegetarian version of the classic recipe was a hit at vegetarian feast Rosemary Ferguson and I hosted at The Groucho Club this week. This recipe first featured in my latest cookbook At My Table. The cheese and eggs are a good source of B12, or if using a vegan cheese and plant based milk you can try adding a tablespoon of B12 rich Nutritional Yeast Flakes …

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